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Helping you and your body work together as a TEAM again

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Together we will take a deep dive into your health, that will have you surfacing with with all the tools and confidence you need to take your health into your own hands.


The Pain-Free Life method relies on traditional healing treatments, and cutting edge, research-backed, interventions and in depth assessments to build your completely, personalized treatment plan! 

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Based on your initial assessments, we will work to build your treatment plan using the methods most effective for your personal symptoms and goals, that plan will include a recommended number of 1 on 1 treatment sessions to address the pain and any movement dysfunction, lifestyle strategies and self care techniques to practice at home, and a combination of the following therapeutic treatments:  










The Pain-Free Life Method exists for you if:

>> You are tired of not feeling heard by medical professionals

>> You are tired of prescription guessing, and medications that contribute to other symptoms.

>> You are after long-term success and not band-aid fixes. 

>> You are proactive about your health (or want to be). 

>> You don't want your pain to be your identity.

>> You don't want to be on the sidelines of your own life, now or ever.


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Ready to learn more?

Reach out for a complimentary assessment, and see if this is the right program for you!


Your Pain-Free Life is Waiting for You!

Here's what to expect:

>> Understand your body & your symptoms. Get to the Root Cause

>> Reduce, and eliminate pain.

>> Gain skills to manage flare ups naturally. 

>> Reduce, or eliminate reliance on pain killers.

>> Change your perceptions of pain.

>> Decrease stress, and gain strategies for managing stress. 

>> Gain nutritional strategies to support your health from the inside out!

>> Decrease systemic inflammation.

>> Be STRONGER and ready to live your BEST pain-free life!

You are NOT your pain. Don't let it CONTROL your life anymore!

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Want to hear a secret?

I began pursuing holistic pain management because of my own back pain and my fear of losing my mobility and independence in the future.

Scoliosis and Spondylolythesis

I've had pain killers, muscle relaxers and back surgery pushed on me. I've been in the emergency room with excruciating back pain and had doctors tell me "nothing is wrong, because the x-ray came back clear" --excuse me?

I have BEEN where you are (or have been, and want to stay away from).

So, why work with me?

>> You're getting a partner in your quest for wellness.

>> I have invested well over $40000 into school, courses, seminars and continue to do so. 

>> With 5 years of experience, I have helped clients with injuries and pain ranging from chronic joint and back pain to fibromyalgia to fascial dysfunctions like plantar fasciitis.


>> I am certified in multiple manual therapies, change psychology, human movement and nutrition to provide you with a truly individualized plan with specific support in the areas YOU need. 

Your Pain-Free Plan includes:

>> Comprehensive Assesments looking at the WHOLE you. 

>> A detailed treatment plan, step by step with the HOW and WHY. 

>> Lifestyle strategies broken down into achievable chunks. 

>> 1 on 1 treatment sessions with homework to lock in improvements.

>> Monthly comprehensive check-ins (re-assessing initial intakes). 

>> Reassessments after each treatment to track progress.  



Let's get moving toward Pain-Free, together.

If you're still reading, I am going to make an assumption: you're a fighter, and you reject the usual answers western medicine has to offer. You're ready to make some sort of change, even if this program isn't it. So reach out, let's chat, I can (at the very least) help point you in the right direction. 

>>Disclaimer <<

I do not intend to take the place of any medical professionals, nor do I recommend stopping any medications or forgoing planned surgeries, without first speaking to your doctors. I believe Western Medicine is absolutely critical to people's health and pain management. My goal with SLoch Holistic is to Break the Mold that sees us reaching for quick, band-aid fixes, before looking at the root cause contributing to the pain is in the first place, we need to listen to the innate wisdom of the body. Remember: Your body is your ally, let's get you and your body working as a team again! 


>> Massage Therapy

>> lvl 3 Fascial Stretch Therapy

>> IASTM and Cupping Therapy

>> NeuroKinetic Therapy

>> Microcurrent Point Stimulation

>> Scar Release Therapy

>> Kinetic Taping

>> Functional Strength Coaching

>> Holistic Nutrition

>> Symptomology Questionnairs

>> Functional Range Assessments

>> Orthopedic Assessments

>> Manual Muscle Testing